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Sora no Otoshimono by the-Rov
by the-Rov

The colors are very well done. I am not sure if you colored a colorless page of the manga or drew the whole thing yourself but it is gr...

let me play a song for you by RelentlessArt

Looks nice. You did well on the colors. I think the Mohawk might be a little off with the way his head is. It sorta looks like half his...

Asuka Cosplay by WackelP
by WackelP

I don't really know much to say as I never have cosplayed before. Unlike you I don't have the face for it since I have pimples and weir...


Why can I never get down to drawing different angles? I have got to stop using so many mediums.
Tue Jul 1, 2014, 4:58 AM
Shout whatever you want. I can take it.
Fri Feb 28, 2014, 7:10 PM




Having trouble with a spider cracked broken apartment window. Gotta find a way to pay for it.
Not sure if this belongs in the Job Services forum or not. But oh well.

Thought I'd try something to experiment with opportunities. Whether it's stupid as all hell or not.

I'm gonna try and do something new by offering acting services to people in Houston Texas (Where I am) who want help making Youtube videos. I know it's hard to make them on your own or with only two people.

So for anyone who needs someone to be a minor character or even a main for a longer running series, I'm going to be offering my services.

I'm willing to play the roles so long as it doesn't involve any kind of pornographic material of any sort. If you need a guy to play the role of the guy who gets beat up (So long as you don't actually beat me up. Then I might need to sue :p) all the way to the guy who screams like a bitch, then I'm your guy. I'm attempting to practice being an actor, and I promise to do my best for it all. I have no qualms with redoing scenes and such to get it right. If I don't scream bitchy enough, then you tell me. I might need time to prep myself though (Possibly 5 minutes or less).

My services work like this.

I consider it like sessions. Each session is made up of two separate videos. Each one being 10 dollars of services worth. Basically two videos are 10 dollars. Your third one after each set of two will be free. So if you hire me for two vids (20 bucks), you get a free one for each 20 spent. Also give me your address first before I do anything. I'll look it up and see where it is to plan my departure. I don't intend to show you where I live. But you're not the one coming to me (Unless that's what you want, then I can manage) so I don't feel too comfortable giving out my address to first time customers. After a few vids I'll show you where I live. I might even buy you a beer.

If you're interested, and live in Houston Texas, then you can note me, email me, and Skype me. We'll work out which days and such considering I also have a job coming to me soon. This'll be more side money considering this is something I don't think people on DA do much if at all. But if you're interested, then in the response (Notes, emails, or Skype) I'll give my Paypal (Preferred form of payment). Or you can give cash up front.

TheKaiserKnight (skype)

You can also email me at (My gmail account that I use more for business than fun).

Be warned though. If you have any intent to harm me, I will defend myself in any way necessary. Any crazies will have a crazy party with me. I also don't intend to go into your house. Not unless I meet your parents or something or talk to your neighbors. So you better not live in some desolate place that has no one around you.
I don't know how much something like this would cost the "average" artist. But I did get my first paycheck from some seasonal work. So I have a decnet sum of money to spend for someone who's only paid 7.50 an hour. Course I had to work more days than scheduled, and it had to do with luck.

 So note me if you're interested while giving me your price range. What I want is sort of like this pic by Coffee-Straw-LuZi
 Three Witches of Alliance by Coffee-Straw-LuZi

Not asking for same quality of the pic or superb professional quality. But to be capable of results that give off the right image and feel when I look at it. It'll also have two more characters.

What I want is something I don't even know how to describe properly in one word. So I have to describe in a tedious way. So if you note me, I can give you more exact details. I'll also discuss with you details about my budget and things like downpayments.
Anyone a fanfic writer who lives in Houston Tx (Or even visiting)? Anyone who lives along West Gray? Or anywhere along Westheimer to Richmond? Well what about a gathering of sorts. Sorta like a club meeting.

I think it would be interesting for us to make our own little club to meet and share ideas with in real time. Also making friends is good.

If anyone is interested, then we can discuss this in detail.

Discuss things like a meet up point, hours to meet at, etc.

I think this would make for a great way to get more social interaction with people of far more similar interests than just the average person you come across. Otaku's of many sorts, don't be afraid to come on down. This is going to be a good experience as writers.
Gonna do some of these.

$0.50 for short one shot stories.

$1.00 for 2 full length chapters. Another dollar for another 2. Just give me a basic list of how things play out. A story board if you will.

$1.50 to do a comedic smutty pairing.

Examples of each that I have written or am writing.

One Shot:…

Long Story (Continuing):…. You can find the story on here as well.

If you want me to do comedic smut with canon characters, then you'll need to give me the gist of their personalities and behaviors. I'm not the holy bible of knowing fandoms.

I'll be working at my own pace though. So if you're one of those people with serious deadlines, then I can't guarantee that I'll make it in time.


They see me rollin. They hatin.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

I am the Super Zombie God Kaiser. I am the supreme Super God Emperor of all zombies. Whenever you find yourself cornered by flesh eaters... Blame me. Feel my zombie god wrath as babies flesh eaters rain from the sky and pelt you to death with their feces.

The world is mine!

My OC is called Kai. He's a Saiyan (From Dragon Ball Z). Usually. In my recent fic he's a cop. Read it. I command it.

Favourite genre of music: Anime and video games ost (original soundtrack), Classical

Favourite style of art: Art

Shell of choice: A protective barrier of darkness aura

Skin of choice: Any Skin I Choose.

Favourite Characters: Batman, Goku, Nyaruko (She makes me laugh), Vegeta,
Kratos, Spawn, Bender, Stewie, and Brian (You will be missed my fellow comrade), Piccolo, Future Trunks, Superman, and my character Kai (You should always have a soft spot for your OC's)

Personal Quote: "My Majin penis cannon will kill all who oppose me!!!"

Listening to: Weird Al Yankovic: Dare To Be Stupid & Hirobobu Kageyama: Ore Ga Yaranakya Dare Ga Yaru!



Comedic Writing Commissions
It will cost 50% extra to do a comedic smutty pairing. I don't really like smut. But I can do a comedic smut if you want smut. But nothing serious.

Examples of each that I have written or am writing.

One Shot:…

Long Story (Continuing):…. You can find the story on here as well.

Will not do

If you want me to do comedic smut with canon characters, then you'll need to give me the gist of their personalities and behaviors. I'm not the holy bible of knowing fandoms.

I'll be working at my own pace though. So if you're one of those people with serious deadlines, then I can't guarantee that I'll make it in time.

I only take Paypal payments cause I really need as much help to make some money as possible. But I also don't want to be a self righteous prick and charge 20 bucks just for a single chapter. So 5.00 bucks for any and all that I did not list as a no no.

It'll work like this. 3 slots. Once all 3 are done, they will be open again. Any old ones will be noted at random, if chosen, if they want to still get a slot. I can at any time chose to decline a commission. Will I? No. Not unless you don't read the rules and I have to explain myself again. And will I decline just because I don't like the idea? No. But only because if you're smart enough, you won't ask me to do non comedy.

*The use of the commission platform is only for premium members. PREMIUM. You are not worthy. Not until you shovel out 24.99 for a premium membership.So get those wallets emptied!*

Are you a Super Pooper Scooper? 

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My 3 (Current) Favorite Artists

:iconmen-dont-scream: (He has killer skills in using colored pencils, a level of skill in drawing that seems perfect for my eyes, and has an awesome Uni-Pen.)

:iconvirus-ac: (He's got godly skills in the drawing side of the art process)

:iconjjvanhossen: (This guys got some well rounded skills in animation and he's come a long way)




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I don't know. But if you ever want any art related to politics, I might send it to you. I'm not really a believer in the Illuminati much though. But I tend to think more of them as just lazy rich bastards sitting around. Not so much a political group. Just rich douches who don't pay taxes.
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Soniclover2010 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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